Know Thyself, Heal Thyself, and Love Thyself

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

When all fails its time to prevail

Never let anyone stand the chance.

It has always amazed me how people can claim something they’re not.

But by looking in the mirror I saw a reflection of someone that was also crying out for help.

Not chasing the shadow but I left that image in my brain; trying to understand how hard it is to be vulnerable in your own house.

How it's so easy to withhold information, I was always skeptical about some, but others I saw a little bit of me in them.

Last time I laid down I knew that I crawled out of that bed a different species.

I was so devastated that I lost my power to an unworthy deity.

But yet I believed that my superpower was good enough to bear a life form.

Only to realize I wasn’t alive to form.

I been panicking, anxiety ridden, and forceful.

I neglected the only force. I had.

I was penetrating ether.

With cosmetic foes to help my euphoric divination.

Reminded only to breath which my time just got extended.

I go out on a limb to experience this life you call short.

Be present in today’s mindful style.

Let it reign on your empire that it's time for a revolution.

Be kind to yourself.

Let it go: If you love something.


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