Health Coaching &
Wellness Consultations

Recover and revitalize your inner peace, Embrace and replenish your gratitude, all the while focusing on reducing a lack-based consciousness. Rediscover love with no limits as well as self-love with an infinite source. 

Community Health, Self-Love,
and Holistic Wellness

Promoting health is a full-time job. Sustaining wellness takes a lifetime.

I am here to educate and help you elevate to the next level of healing.

I encourage, empower, and equip the BIPOC community with coping practices.  

I am here to inspire many and motivate all.


We will Know Thyself

We will Love Thyself

And we will Health Thyself.

I am Forever Healing.

I am Forever Healing Us. 


Divine Waters Apothecary 

We have metaphysical and medicinal items to help with your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional needs.


We carry a wide variety of items such as:

incense, resin, smudging sticks, oils, singing bowls, Florida water cologne, candles, soap, tinctures, jewelry, manifestation kits, body butter, and more.


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